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In our store you can find the best pet care products we can find!  Whether it's shampoo for your dog's sensitive skin or scratching posts to alleviate kitty stress, Penelope's can help your cat or dog look and feel their best.

Ark Naturals Dental Chews

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brushless-toothpasteArk Naturals' all natural dental chew for dogs (and cats if they like 'em!). This award-winning product helps prevent dental decay, plaque, tartar and bad breath.

Ark Naturals Breathless Plaque Zapper

Published in Pet Health

breathless-zapper-waterA convenient and easy way to control your pet's plaque, tartar and tooth decay, Ark Naturals' Breathless Plaque Zapper dissolves in your pet's water bowl

Magic Moon Soapworks Shampoo Bar

Published in Pet Health

magicmoonsoapGoat milk is high in protein and triglycerides which have natural moisturizing capabilities.  Besides being rich in vitamins


Published in Pet Health

thundershirt2Great for relieving anxiety, the Thundershirt's constant gentle pressure will help alleviate your pet's fears and bad habits leaving you both less stressed.

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